Pesticides / Herbicides, we filter that.

PESTICIDES / HERBICIDES are a composite term that includes all chemicals that are used to kill or control pests. In agriculture, this includes herbicides (weeds), insecticides (insects), fungicides (fungi), nematocides (nematodes), and rodenticides (vertebrate poisons).

The amount of pesticides in water varies greatly, both geographically and seasonally, based on land use and pesticide use patterns. In agricultural areas, herbicides are the most frequently found type of pesticide in streams and groundwater. In urban areas, there is a greater prevalence of insecticides in streams than in agricultural areas. Pesticide concentrations also vary yearly, based on variations in rainfall, and seasonally, based on agricultural practices.

Filter Removal Rates

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Nano Filter: >99.3%

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Outdoor Filter: >99.3%

Smart Shield: >99.8%

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