Water Filter Pitcher For Hard Water

What is hard water and what kind of water filter pitcher is best suited for it?

According to USGS, water hardness refers to the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water. Most often you can tell if you have hard water because you may experience a sliminess when washing your hands or you may be able to see particulate in your drinking water, so it doesn't appear crystal clear. Generally, it takes much more soap or laundry detergent to get your hands or clothes clean if you have hard water. When hard water is boiled, it can form calcium carbonate which will the reduce the life of equipment it comes into contact with, like with electric heaters or as it clogs pipes. While hard water may not be so great for keeping clean or for household appliances, there isn't any known harm to the body, as our bodies require these minerals in certain amounts.

Some states are known for having harder water than others. For instance, we have found that a lot of our NY customers benefit from our products more geared toward hard water than not. While most of our products do not remove trace minerals, (we believe in mineral rich water as opposed to dead water for the sake of health), our Nano Pitcher was designed just for this. It works great if you well water, if you're adventurous and like to fill up while you're out in the wild, or if you have hard water. The nano fiber wrap on the Nano filter acts like an extra layer of filtration to trap unwanted things like bacteria, viruses, cysts, and excess sediment. So give it a go and enjoy crystal clear smooth going water! And better yet, if you have our other pitcher, the Pure, our Nano filter and Pure filter are interchangeable, so as your needs change, so too can your filter.

Source: Hardness of Water Information: USGS.


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