water filter pitcher for well water

Water Filter Pitcher For Well Water

How many American live on well water?

It is estimated the 13% of US households use well water for their main water source, or 42 million Americans. According to U.S. Geological Survey study, states with the most people using household wells for water are found in the Eastern United States (Higher population density too compared to out west. in Florida, the Great Lakes region, and North & South Carolina, and along the I95 corridor from Maryland to New Hampshire. There are also large pockets in California and in Oregon, Washington and Texas.

Is well water safe to drink?

The US Government does not regulate these well water sources, and therefore, homeowners and landowners need to pay closer attention to the safety of their drinking water and what contaminants might be leaking into your ground water. Most well water is labeled safe, but people should have it tested periodically with a 3rd party lab. Groundwater that fills wells can sometimes become contaminated, although the deeper the wells seem to do better with water contaminants. Ground water can pick up elements from the bedrock and soil when it passes through. Run-off pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial pollutants can also seep into groundwater. Things like microorganisms, heavy metals, lead, copper, household waste, fluoride and more can all be found in traces in ground water. This is why you might need a water filter pitcher for well water.

Map of How Many Americans Live On Well Water United States USA

What is the best way to filter well water?

Since well water is not treated municipally, it is important to look for a water filter pitcher that will remove bacteria, viruses, and cysts in addition to any contaminants that may be concerning to your particular area. Based on our research, the Brita water filter pitcher does not remove any these water contaminants (bacteria, virus or cysts like giardia or cryptosporidium. Pur water filter pitcher also does not remove any of these microbiological contaminants that could be found in your well water.

In 2017, the United States was hit back to back by massively destructive hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico. That ignited something within the team at Epic Water Filters and we decided in that moment to design a water filter pitcher for well water and emergency preparedness. How did we do it? We used our proprietary United States made nano filter media and figured out a way to make it work in a water pitcher format, which had never been done before (High 5 Epic Team!).

So to remove these contaminants (bacteria, virus, and cysts) as well as much more, we recommend our Nano Pitcher, our USA made, sub micron filter that removes up to 99.999% of all tap water contaminants (including bacteria, giardia, e-coli, cryptosporidium, heavy metals, fluoride, chemicals, among many others). This water filter pitcher is the perfect solution for well water, as you don't have to compromise quality for safety. Each filter produces up to 150 gallons of water (150 gallons = 600 single plastic water bottles), and it's easy to swap out with a new one. Better yet, recycle your old filter and be a part of the plastic solution rather than problem! This water filter pitcher can even become a camping or travel companion as it's safe to use with untreated water, so it's also a great resource to have at home in case of any emergency.

To see a full list of everything this water filter pitcher removes, check out this link.

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