Do Water Filter Jugs Remove Heavy Metals?

Methods to remove heavy metals from water

How to remove heavy metals from water naturally

In our enduring pursuit of clean, crisp drinking water, many Brits turn to the trusty water filter jug. But amidst the array of options lining our supermarket shelves, how can we be sure these filters live up to their promises, particularly when it comes to eliminating heavy metals such as lead and arsenic? Today, let's delve into the science of water filtration, with a spotlight on the Epic Pure filter and its prowess in combating these harmful contaminants. 

Understanding Water Filtration: Water filter jugs operate through a combination of mechanisms, including activated carbon, ion exchange, and mechanical filtration. These systems work in harmony to ensnare impurities and enhance water quality. However, not all filters are crafted equally, and their efficacy can vary depending on design and the contaminants they target.

Epic Pure Filter: A Champion in Heavy Metal Removal:

Enter the Epic Pure filter, a shining star in the world of water filtration. Meticulously engineered, this innovative filter is purpose-built to tackle a myriad of contaminants, including heavy metals like lead and arsenic. Harnessing the power of advanced filtration technologies, including a solid activated coconut carbon block, the Epic Pure filter effortlessly rids water of impurities while preserving essential minerals, ensuring each sip is refreshingly pure. Check out our testing page to see the list of heavy metals we have tested for removal (here).

Does Boiling Water Remove Heavy Metals? A common misconception is that boiling water can rid it of heavy metals. While boiling can indeed eliminate bacteria and some parasites, it falls short in removing heavy metals like lead or arsenic. In fact, boiling may concentrate these contaminants as water evaporates, exacerbating the issue. Thus, relying solely on boiling for purification isn't sufficient for ensuring safe drinking water, particularly in regions with known heavy metal contamination.

Natural Remedies for Heavy Metal Removal: For those inclined towards natural remedies to purify water, several options abound: 

Activated Charcoal: Similar to the activated carbon used in filtration systems, activated charcoal can bind to heavy metals and other impurities, effectively purifying water. 

Alum: This traditional coagulant can aid in heavy metal removal by causing them to clump together, making filtration easier. 

Lemon: The acidity of lemon juice can assist in leaching heavy metals from water. A dash of lemon in your drinking water might enhance its purity. 

Coriander: Studies suggest that coriander leaves can aid in heavy metal detoxification by binding to toxins and facilitating their expulsion from the body. Steeping coriander leaves in water may help reduce heavy metal levels. 

While these natural remedies can complement existing filtration methods, they may not match the effectiveness or reliability of dedicated filtration systems like the Epic Pure filter. Conclusion: In the quest for clean, safe drinking water, investing in a top-notch water filter jug like the Epic Pure filter can provide invaluable reassurance. With its state-of-the-art design and proven ability to combat heavy metals, it stands as a beacon of reliability amidst the murky waters of uncertainty. Remember, when it comes to your health and well-being, compromise is not an option. Choose wisely, and drink with confidence.