Cliff Jumping and Cleaning Up

Cliff jumping and cleaning up have more in common than you might think, thanks to a group of impressive athletes who also value leaving a positive environmental impact.

This past weekend we sponsored a cliff jumping event that took place in southern Colorado. A few of our team members took to the road and both jumped cliffs and cleaned them, finding inspiration amidst a group of talented athletes with our kind of values.

Emu-Bobs take to the road

Emu-bob is our name for creek cleanups. (Which of course isn't just creek exclusive.) One of our co-founders, Ash Heather, is originally from Australia and so the term is close to heart for him. The term was coined after observing emus and the way they bob to pick for food. Or in our case, litter.

As a team, we take a day each month to clean up our local water sources to make our community just a little bit nicer and prevent unwanted waste from making its way into our oceans.

We all know that trash is found everywhere, even in more remote places. While it's hard to avoid, we can take small steps to make change wherever we go.

So pack a spare bag, and pick up some trash wherever you go, and you'd be surprised how infectious the habit can become. If we all do a little bit, it goes a long way and sets a nice example to our fellow citizens.

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More on Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping may not seem like a serious sport, but we can certainly say, this group is turning it into one. Founded by Travis Sims, this group of freestyle cliff divers started the first ever Freestyle Cliff Jumping Competition, and it's grown consistently each year.

As an onlooker, it was impressive to witness their infinite flips and twists in the air from heights that gave me an endless storm of tummy butterflies.

Of course, it's not just about cliff jumping for them. At every location, they take time to clean up trash and leave a positive impact on the places that host something special for them. To this day, they've picked up 15,000 lbs of trash in the past 4 years. And that number will only continue to grow.

If you want to learn more and get involved, click below.

We worked with one of our ambassadors, jackLNDN, to bring the musical inspiration needed to get you in the trash picking up mood. Just click the link below to get into the trash picking up spirit (and no one said dancing while doing so wasn't allowed.)