Should You Be Cooking with Filtered Water?

There is some debate about whether it's essential to cook with filtered water. Doesn't boiling water kill most of what's bad in your water anyway? We did some research into this so you didn't have to, because we were curious too. And this is what we found.

Boiling water isn't the same as filtering water. By that we mean, it doesn't get rid of all those contaminants you likely don't want in your body.

Boiling your water is great for being outdoors when you don't have access to clean water because it will get rid of any disease causing organisms. However, since boiling water reduces the volume of the water, it will also increase the concentration of things like lead, pesticides, and herbicides. Not so fun. It may also make the taste of chlorine more noticeable which is used as a disinfectant in most municipal water sources. We think chlorine is best reserved for the pool and not so much for delicious dinners or the breakfast club.

When cooking, you are likely exposing yourself and your food to water at multiple steps along the way, and if you're drinking filtered water, then it stands to reason you probably don't want to re-contaminate your source by ingesting it unfiltered again through your food. If you can, definitely filter your water before washing your veggies or say, cooking up some pasta!

Health aside, a lot of individuals report that using filtered water for cooking and preparing their foods results in better tasting food. For avid coffee fans, you will understand how much goes into getting the best tasting coffee, so why risk it and use unfiltered water? Your body (more specifically, your taste buds) will thank you 😉

While moderation is key for many things in life, regular exposure to things that are harmful to our bodies will eventually have a negative impact on our health. Of course, you have to live a little, eat your greens and your cake too, stay up too late sometimes, and walk on the edge, but filtering your water has become so convenient and inexpensive these days, that you may as well save your "get out of jail free" cards for something a little more exciting!

Try it out next time you're in the kitchen. See if you notice a difference in taste when you use filtered as opposed to unfiltered water. See if your body feels differently. And if you're not sure, take it from us, filtered water is always better than its counterpart.

Forrest G

Crazy about clean water, rocks (climbing them), and gardening