Being creative is often associated with making art - whether that’s writing, painting, crafting, the list is endless. Creativity, however, is more aptly ascribed to a mindset. You can be creative in how you approach problems that arise, in how you relate to those in your life, in how you conduct your business. Creativity encourages us to think differently, to be resourceful, and to reflect. It’s for those characteristics and more that we often see the front runners of the sustainability movement as some of the most creative in their field.

We love to celebrate creativity. It can feel like a mystical experience at times. As if the lighting strikes and you are lucky enough to receive the jolt of inspiration. A lot of famous creatives, like writers in particular, have described the process as just that. And our role in it, is to remain present and open so that when creativity strikes we are there for it. We must foster those moments, ask the prompting questions, and run with an idea even if it takes us somewhere entirely different than our initial projection. Not all trains of thought must take us somewhere, but sometimes the different perspective it offers along the way is more than worth it.

With all that said, we want to take some time and highlight some creatives in the sustainability movement that are making an impact and inspiring us to think differently and more efficiently.

Take 3

Take 3, sustainability, turtle, movement, non profit

Take 3 is a great organization in Australia that asks us all to take away 3 items of trash when we’re on the beach or along any waterway. We love small, actionable steps that we can take and incorporate into our lives. When enough people do enough small things together, it adds up in a big way. Want to be part of this community? Learn more here. What’s creative about this? It rethinks our relationship with a place, and the impact we have. It doesn’t ask us to make drastic changes but simply to change our mindset and to take on a small role of stewardship.


GA2030, non profit, water, clean water, solution, access, clean water access, sustainability

Global Access 2030 is rethinking clean water solutions in both developed and developing countries. While many individuals want to help abroad, they don’t always take the time to fully understand the problem, the community, and to evaluate the effectiveness of their ideas. Global Access 2030 has consistently taken their ideas back to the drawing board, they follow up in person with the communities they’ve impacted, and they ensure they are doing work that makes a difference not just initially but long term. Their approach is multipronged, and their goal is simple: ensuring that everyone has access to clean water, and not just for a day. To learn more about them or get involved, click here.

Thinking Outside the Box

There are many ways you can think outside the box. Sometimes being creative and finding impactful solutions just requires that you think differently and reframe your understanding. What are some ways your creativity has been impactful? We’d love to hear from you.