Photos by Pete McBride courtesy of American Rivers

Meet the man who swam 40 miles of the Green River

Matt Moseley, a Boulder based swimmer, recently swam 40 miles of the Green River in Utah to raise awareness about climate change and drought. In 14 hours and 36 minutes, he finished the swim as the first ever person to swim the Green River.

The Green River, like so many other rivers, is seeing record low flow. The Green River generally flows at around 5,000-6,000 cfs (or cubic feet per second), and is now flowing at 1,800 cfs. That’s quite a significant drop! Because of that, Matt had to walk across sandbars and rocks instead of swimming because the water was simply too shallow.

This is what Matt had to say on it ~

While the swim is a first, more importantly, our expedition was a vessel to tell the story of what is happening to water in the West,” said Moseley. “We are in a severe drought. Perhaps this is the new normal? Some say it is the “aridification” of the West. I saw firsthand what happens when the river starts dying. I know how the fish feels when it gets washed out.

To learn more about his swim, the problems we are facing, and the epic 16 person team that made it all possible, you can read more here.

We were proud to be one of Matt Moseley's sponsors in his endeavor and are proud of what he accomplished!