Your Recycled Filters

Another box of your recycled filters is on its way to be recycled. Thank you for making a difference!

In case you weren't aware, we offer a recycling program for all our filters. You can send back your used filters to us, we will recycle them properly, and as our way of saying thanks, we will send you a free filter on us.

To learn the in's and out's, check out our Recycling Program.

How does it work?

We use Terra Cycle's Zero Waste Box for Filters. When we get filters back from you, we place them in our Zero Waste Box. Once it's full, we send it back to Terra Cycle and they send us another box. So the party never has to end.

Terra Cycle makes sure all the components of our filters are disposed of responsibly. The plastic casing that protects the filtration media is broken down and made into plastic to be reused. The filtration media needs special attention since it contains contaminants, so Terra Cycle makes sure those contaminants don't just end up back in our soil and into our water supply.

Our filters may not be the easiest to recycle, so we are excited to have a safe way of doing so. If you're interested in seeing what else you can recycle in your home, check out Terra Cycle's Recycling Programs for more information. They offer a wide variety of recycling options for things ranging from your cleaning products to your office supplies.

So the recycling never has to end!

Thanks, as always, for making a difference and for being part of the change.