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Excellent Filter!

Zero chlorine taste, and especially useful when flying. I just fill it up in the airport and have great tasting water the whole flight. Highly recommend, I know I’m buying more!


I had previously given a 5 star rating review when I purchased the nano filter around 5 months ago. If they had a 10 star rating I would given it that also. I love the filter, best on the market hands down! I am writing this review about the customer service department. I will also give them a 5 star rating. I had minor problem with one of the filters in which they were so attentive to the matter and it was taken care immediately. They had sent new filter out within minutes of the conversation. The customer service department is superb!
Amazing water pitcher, great company ! Thank you !

Easy to Use, Good for the Earth

This filter is so easy to use that even my kids can handle it. I love that it has drastically reduced our plastic bottle waste since we have had it. Would highly recommend to other families. No smell, no taste of tap water with this filter.

Water filter//pitcher

I have a private well and use a filtration system and osmosis softener. I chose the Epic based on reviews by the NSF. I’ve used this for a few weeks and so far, so good.

Love the “no taste!”

While we use well water, there are still deposits that have a specific taste. With Epic, there literally is no taste or after taste when we drink our filtered water. I recently drank unfiltered city water at my granddaughter’s house. The chlorine was so strong you could even smell it before tasting it - ugh. I love my Epic water pitcher!

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher | Removes Fluoride

Hard to get water out of straw

Like other reviews said, it does take a good hard suck to get any water out. To quench your thirst would probably cause a headache. I also put some lime juice in my water to test the filter power - I was still able to taste lime. Dipping this bottle into a lake would have to be an emergency to get me to drink what would come out of the filter.

Thanks for the review. This is a really tight filter (has to be to remove viruses) but if you let the filter soak for 15 to 30 minutes, it should loosen up a lot and make it pretty easy to drink from it. Thanks again!
Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing product and I can praise the customer service high enough seriously awesome. Thank you .

This is our #1 water filter!

We have been installing these filters in ALL our Elementary school classrooms and outside drinking fountains due to the limits of the PFOS and PFOA being higher than usual. The installation has been somewhat easy, due to the different types of bubblers - some with stream regulators and some with not. The water has a clean taste and staff and students say nothing but positive remarks.
Thank you Epic Water Filters for making such a great product.

The Pitcher Which I Needed

I bought this pitcher after I saw an official health report regarding our water purity.
As you could guess, our water is highly contaminated and is not for drinking as there a lot of stuff which could cause cancer or infection.
Indeed, I'm more than satisfied with the pitcher as it provides clear and tasteless water. There is no doubt that with this purchase I started one long-lasting connection which will keep me healthy and safe my money ( no need to buy water again).
Moreover, I bought EpicWather bottles for our travels, and I hope that these will help us to maintain our health.


I am a nurse in a large metro area and the water isn't too great at work, so my EPlC filter has been an amazing solution to all of my water drinking problems!! Absolutely in love!

Must have for any traveler who likes clean water!

I go through A LOT of water during the day. At home, we have a in-sink filter so life is good, but life on the road is a different story. I became accustomed to carrying a 10 cup Brita reservoir around when I traveled, which was a pain as it took forever to fill up and filter, and couldn't be brought on the go. Enter Epic Filters. What an awesome idea and product! I couldn't wait to use it on my first trip, and it met or even exceeded my expectations. The Answer definitely filters out any chemical taste from city tap water, more so than a Brita filter. It tasted like pure distilled water in my opinion. The convenience can't be beat, as you can fill up your Nalgene anywhere and have filtered water. I'd say there's only about 2-3 oz of water that can't be reached by the filter as it sits just above the bottom of the Nalgene, which isn't a problem at all. Also, Epic Filter's customer service was great when I did not receive the straw for the 48oz bottle in the package. It really wasn't a big deal, but they immediately sent the item without charge. I would absolutely recommend the Answer, any any Epic product, to a friend (I already have!)

Best filtered water bottle!

I have always been a huge fan of Nalgene bottles because they are pretty much indestructible. Epic has went a step further by making a filter system for an already awesome product. Epic and nalgene both make high quality products, I would highly recommend either company to anyone buying filters or bottles. Keep up the good work epic!

Awesome product

Super nice cup. Will buy again

Awesome Product!

I love these water bottles and filters. Both my wife and I bought them and no longer need to buy water bottles when traveling or at home. Great for my wallet and more important the environment. 

Awesome bottle that gave me security

After traveling around internationally for a few weeks I was so pleased with how the bottle stood up and knowing that it took out any of the contaminants that I would’ve been ingesting otherwise. Bonus is that the Cover helps keep the junky stuff that’s blowing in the wind off of the tube. Life straw who others in my group used did not have that . I love this bottle!

Great water filter

I am on a well - the water is really poor and tastes terrible. I purchased the nano filter and the water tastes great!

Outstanding product

I’ve had the Epid Water Filters for 2 weeks I have zero complaints. I have well water never knowing what is in my drinking water and to be able to have fresh clean water at home without the copper taste is huge. I do recommend!

Superb Customer Service

I called you with a problem because I have very hard water, a Well in the countryside, and my first filter lasted only 2-mos for one person, so I wondered whether something better could be done. You replaced my costly filter with another model, free of charge, to try. I appreciate the thoughtfulness enormously & thank you! I look forward to this one working longer for me & thank you for the suggestion to provide it to me!

Only 4 stars why

Have use the filter for 3 months Indicator went to 0. Replaced filter indicator started on 90%.How can I know truly when the filter should be replaced. How can an indicator on the top lid know the filter value in the picture?

Hey Roger - thanks for this review. We should probably make it more clear that the top indicator is just a time based system that is really just a reminder. Depending on water quality, how many people are using it, and flow, you have to be the real judge of when to change your filter. Between 3 to 6 months is recommended. Cheers!
Happy with purchase

I am happy with my decision to switch to Epic Water Filters, away from using a Brita Filter for many years. In the future, I would love to see a pitcher or dispenser that is NOT plastic.

Easy install/great water taste

very simple to install and great water taste

Filters are great!

I started hating myself using plastic bottles day after day, but now i feel better only using one small piece every three months.

Best water filter I’ve ever used!

I have 2 escape bottles and a nalgene og, the water I get from these tastes much better than the zero water pitcher I have. The filters also seem to last much longer, more than twice the life of the zero water filter. I strongly recommend epic’s products.

Great water

Love these filters, we enjoy drinking water again. Shipping time fast and efficient.