Bromochloroacetic acid water filter in drinking water
Bromochloroacetic acid is formed in drinking water as a by product during the disinfection of water by chlorine in the presence of organic matter and bromide. The highest concentrations of bromochloroacetic acid were observed in drinking water with the highest bromide content.

Human Impact:

Currently there are no long term studies on this water contaminants impact on humans. Bromochloroacetic acid was tested for carcinogenicity in one study in mice and one study in rats. In mice, bromochloroacetic acid caused a significantly increased incidence of hepatocellular adenoma (a rare, benign liver tumor) and hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) in males and females, and of hepatoblastoma (uncommon malignant liver cancer) in males.
In rats, bromochloroacetic acid caused a significantly increased incidence of mesothelioma in males, of large intestine adenoma in males and females, and of pancreatic islet cell adenoma in males. It also increased the multiplicity of fibroadenomas of the mammary gland in females. Tumours of the large intestine, mesotheliomas and hepatoblastomas are rare spontaneous neoplasms in experimental animals. Bromochloroacetic acid is one of the Haloacetic Acids (HAAs), you can read more about Haloacetic Acids here.
At Epic Water Filters we have tested all of our products for the removal of Bromochloroacetic acid and Haloacetic Acids.

Bromochloroacetic Acid Testing:

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher: 99.99%
Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher: 99.42%
Epic Outdoor Water Bottle Filter: 99.42%
Epic Smart Shield Under Sink Filter: 99.99%